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mission & Purpose

the value of christian higher education is the value that has always under girded central baptist college’s mission statement. since the institution’s inception in 1952, its mission has focused on educating the whole person — intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

while many other colleges and universities subscribe to the notion of holistic education, it is the spiritual dimension of higher education that has made and continues to make central baptist college unique.

mission statement

central baptist college is committed to transforming lives through education that integrates christian faith and academic excellence in a christ-centered environment.


the following purposes were established to achieve the institution’s mission:

  1. to create an environment that fosters understanding, appreciation and a love for god’s word.
  2. to create a campus community that supports students and faculty in the acquisition of knowledge.
  3. to create excellent programs of study that challenge students and provide practical experience in the chosen discipline.
  4. to create an understanding among faculty and students of the need for lifelong learning.
  5. to create opportunities for spiritual growth and service to god.

strategic plan