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Housing & Residence Life



research has shown that residential living is an important factor in successful completion of a higher education degree. during the transition to college life, living on campus provides a needed anchor for personal and academic development.  typically, residents are more positive about their social and interpersonal environments than students living off-campus. they tend to build closer relationships with other students, as well as with faculty and staff. students who live in residence halls earn higher grades, are less likely to drop out and have greater satisfaction with their college experience.


the mission of the office of housing and residence life is to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy living environment for students. programs provided in the residence halls are designed to promote the social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of each student.


cbc has such a strong commitment to the importance of the residential experience that all full-time single students who have not lived in a residence hall for at least four semesters and are under the age of 21 are required to live on campus.  exceptions are made for local residents and commuting students who live with immediate, adult family (i.e. parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings who are over the age of 21) within a 40 mile radius of cbc.

things to know

students who plan to live off campus must complete an off-campus housing request form, and obtain approval from the dean of students. students under 21 need a parent or guardian signature on the off campus housing form.

the student and parent/guardian are urged to carefully read the contents of the contract.  the contract must be signed by the student and his/her parent or guardian in the presence of a witness in order to be considered for a housing assignment.  this contract is considered a binding agreement between the student, the parent or guardian, and central baptist college. if you have any questions, please contact chris mitchell, dean of students, at 501-205-8919 or cmitchell@cbc.edu.

housing contract

the housing contract is a binding contract for one entire academic year. there is a cancellation fee for students wishing to cancel their housing in between the fall and spring semesters. if you are a current student wishing to cancel your housing contract, please complete the housing contract cancellation form.